Eddison Walters: Republican

Eddison Walters is a Republican running for Congress, representing District 22. (Eddison Walters campaign)

Eddison Walters is a Republican running for Congress, representing District 22. His responses to our candidate questionnaire are noted below. Learn more about Eddison Walters from his campaign at

1. In your own words, what differentiates you from your opponents?
With a doctorate in global business, MBA in international business, and over 25 years working with small businesses, I have the education, experience and leadership skills to effectively fight for the people of the 22nd congressional district in Washington.

2. Explain what you see as the most important issue facing the state.
Continued economic growth

3. How are you uniquely qualified to address that issue?
I understand the challenges small businesses face and will work to address the issue on self-employment taxes for small businesses. With an extensive economic research background which include work on his doctorate in business administration and MBA, Eddison Walters understand the important role small businesses play in creating employment opportunities in local economies, and challenges small businesses face in today's global economy.

4. Should teachers and/or other school employees that are not law enforcement be armed?
This issue is an issue each community need to solve for themselves. I will support whatever each local government decide is best for their schools.

5. Are the current gun laws in Florida too strict, too weak, or just right? Too strict? Why?
I do not support restrictions on the 2nd Amendment

6. Florida currently allows marijuana for medical use. What has shaped your position on the issue?
I support other forms of medical use, but I do not support smoking marijuana.

7. Under what circumstances would you support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use?
There is no circumstance under which I would support recreational use.

8. The NRA is suing Florida over The Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act. Would you be in favor of making changes to the law to avoid a court battle?

9. Despite public support for it, the texting while driving bill stalled again last session. What, if anything, should be done to pass a bill that would involve stronger enforcement for texting while driving?
Not sure

10. The Stand Your Ground Law has been highly controversial. Do you think the law is working or is there something lawmakers should do to change it?
The law is working.

11. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 20 percent of Floridians don’t have health insurance. Should anything be done about this?
Allow free market competition across state lines and allow greater consumer choices of type of coverage. Is expanding Medicaid the answer? No

12. The Florida legislature keeps taking money out of two trust funds created to help pay for affordable housing, leading some communities to eliminate affordable housing programs. Should affordable housing be a priority for a state, and is it?
No, we should end Dodd Frank to allow the free market to solve the problem.

13. Florida’s current senators have resisted sugar policy reform despite bipartisan support at the federal level. Do you support or oppose sugar policy reform and why?

14. What is an example of a policy or issue you have changed your view on in the last 20 years?
My support for bringing back American manufacturing is even stronger.

15. What question do you wish someone would ask you and why?
Questions associated with the Global Financial Crisis and international trade issues.

16. Under what circumstances would you lie?
No circumstance

17. Last music concert you saw?
Broward Miami Carnival

18. Who is your political hero?
I don’t have one. Why? Most of them lie.

19. What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
Never stop fighting for what you think is right.

20. Who do you cheer the loudest for? Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Rattlers, or someone else?
The University of Alabama, Roll Tide Roll!

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