Preventing the flu with IV therapy

People are turning to IV therapy to fight the flu. (WPEC)

IV therapy is a growing trend throughout our area and with the flu season on the rise, more people are giving it a try.

“We had the busiest day ever in business. It was probably quadruple the amount we usually see and it was all walk ins,” said Domenic Iacovone, owner of Revive in Stuart.

Iacovone said typically they see the same clients, those who don’t take medicine or get vaccines. However, he said lately they’re seeing new faces.

“We’re also getting people after the flu, so people who've had the flu and are coming in to get rehydrated after they get sick,” said Iacovone.

Austin Weiss is a regular patient. He said, “I swear by these bags.”

He’s been coming to Revive since he was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but Tuesday he went to Revive to make sure he didn’t get sick.

“Today I'm just getting an immunity booster because this flu epidemic is crazy. I run two businesses full time so I can't afford to get sick,” said Weiss.

Iacovone said the immune booster is the most popular bag right now.

“Vitamin C is an awesome antioxidant for your body,” said Iacovone. He continued, “it’s going to fight off anything that's trying to attack your body. We do a glutathione push which is called the master antioxidant of the body which is pretty cool and we do a b12 b-complex blend which gives them energy while they’re sick to help them get better quicker.”

Weiss is just happy to get the extra boost, especially because his four-year-old girl already brought a bug home.

“I want her to be able to lay on my lap and hold her and make her feel better. For me to be able to do that my immunity has to be through the roof,” said Weiss.

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