A mother warns about food allergies skyrocketing after the death of her son

Severe allergic reactions to food skyrocket nearly 400 percent over the past decade and researchers don't know why.

Researchers estimate up to 15 million americans have food allergies.

Six million of them are children.

Fourteen year old Tanner Sorensen was severely allergic to nuts.

It only took one cookie at church to end his life.

"The next thing I know he was pounding on the front door - I opened the door and he was already swollen around his lips and they were turning blue," said his mother, Jen Sorensen. "I turned around and he collapsed to the ground."

Now, his mother is on a mission to warn others - so that his death can save countless others.

"Even if they don't know anyone with a food allergy, it's life threatening. They could die. My son is proof of that. It just takes one mistake," said Sorensen.

One family's story about the death of their son and plea for people to be aware of the extreme dangers of food allergies, Friday night after Blue Bloods on CBS12 News at 11.

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