Maryland woman with impaired vision can finally see thanks to a stranger

    <p>Prathma Jhala puts on life-changing glasses for the first time (WJLA){/p}<p>{/p}

    Prathma Jhala, 20, never expected to get a life-changing gift like the one that she received last Christmas. The gift came with a $15,000 price tag, but her family received it for free.

    It's all thanks to a stranger who went by the name of Margaret Hasofsky — a woman Jhala never got the chance to meet. Hasofsky passed at the age of 74 in March 2017, and wanted to pass on the electronic glasses to someone special.

    Jhala was born with cerebral palsy that came with side effects like Nystagmus. Nystagmus is a condition that greatly impacts a person's vision. Often, it comes with uncontrolled and repetitive eye movements that make it extremely hard to see.

    Jhala says in order to see properly, she has to look out of the corner of her eye and often has no idea what direction her eyes are looking.

    That changed for the Jhala family on Tuesday morning.

    ABC7 News was there as she opened a large box that would help her see the world more clearly for the first time.

    Watch our Facebook Live as we speak to Hasofsky's sister and brother-in-law about the gift she donated through her will. We also sit down with Jhala to talk about her vision before she opens the pair of glasses for the very first time.

    The glasses are called eSight. It's electronic glasses that enable the legally bling to actually see.

    Jhala said it would help her to study and enjoy her life to the fullest without being restricted by her low vision.

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