Elderly couple finds love at senior living center, sets wedding date

Allen Seelhammer, 78, and Ann Hoover, 87, are planning a wedding Dec. 20 at the Brookdale Senior Living Center in New Braunfels. (Photo: Brookdale Senior Living Center)

NEW BRAUNFELS - An elderly couple in New Braunfels is preparing for a wedding after finding love in an unexpected place.

Allen Seelhammer, 78, and Ann Hoover, 87, met at the Brookdale Senior Living Center in New Braunfels just two months ago. The couple spent time together at meals and activities, until it became apparent their connection was worthy of the next step.

Seelhammer, ever the pragmatist, presented Hoover with a relationship t-chart, concluding the couple should get married. Hoover agreed. Now the couple is tying the knot Dec. 20 at the senior living center in a public ceremony.

“It’s like a Camelot situation,” Seelhammer said. “And I don’t want to wake up because I’ve never been so happy in my life.”

This will be the second marriage for Seelhammer and Hoover. The groom was married for 57 years, while the bride was married 23 years. Their previous spouses are deceased.

“I kind of feel like a teenager again,” Hoover said. “I’ve got a cute little fella that I’m crazy about and he acts like he likes me too.”

Before the wedding festivities begin, family and friends will throw a bachelorette party for the bride and a bachelor party for the groom.

Seelhammer and Hoover will be married at 3 p.m. Wednesday in the same venue their unexpected love journey began.

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