Crews save bull elk stuck in fence near Sandy

Courtesy ODFW

Crews from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife helped rescue a bull elk that got stuck in a fence near Sandy.

They tranquilized the elk, then cut his antlers off to free him. His ears were tagged, and he was released back in the wild unharmed.

If you see an animal entangled in old fences, wire bales or rope, call Oregon State Police and ODFW -- do not try to rescue it yourself.

And here's an explanation from Tim Akimoff with ODFW on why they tranquilized the elk and cut its antlers:

This bull was extremely agitated and stressed out, as you can see in the video. Biologists have to decide how much tranquilizer to use in those scenarios. Too much, and the bull dies, too little, and they don't have time to work. In this case, they had to work really quick to do something in the time frame they had with the sedative in order to keep the bull from getting even more stressed out. It was easier to remove the antlers than untangle the wire. The bull will likely be fine and make an adjustment to not having the antlers this year. According to our biologists, the bull will figure out he's defenseless very quickly and stay around the edges of the herd. He may not breed this year, but he'll likely regrow his antlers next year and be right back in the thick of it when it comes to the next breeding season.

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