Sinclair Broadcast Group anchor Rick Devens reflects on his CBS Survivor experience

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    WGXA Morning Anchor Rick Devens is a contestant on Season 38 of Survivor. After making it through the first three Tribal Councils, he has been voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction island. Rick will tell his story of being on the show firsthand throughout the season.

    MACON, Ga. -- They say it takes a village to raise a child. My wife Becca and I were glad to have a village when I decided to run off for seven weeks to live out a dream on an island in Fiji.

    From the get-go, my wife was on board. This was a dream that pre-dated out marriage and she was excited I’d have the chance to live it out.

    But let’s examine who the real Survivor is here:

    My wife works. We had a 4-year-old (now age five) and an infant (now age one). We have two 12-year-old dogs and two indoor cats. As if that’s not enough, my gardening hobby had literally just blossomed all over our yard and porch. Becca had to keep that alive too!

    So, to say we needed family and friends to step up is an understatement. Friends in Macon kept the kids when Becca had to work late. Sometimes they would keep the kids overnight. I had friends at the TV station that were willing to check in on my pets for a few weeks and weekends when Becca and the kids were out of town.

    My family was out of town visiting, well, the rest of my family. They also stepped up to the plate. The annual family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia, went on as planned despite one missing Survivor.

    Becca had old friends come and stay at the house. All these visits met a variety of needs. They gave Becca some much needed help and a brief pause to catch her breath. Although most of her “spare” time was spent catching up on work.

    The visits also served as a distraction. Becca says she always had her mind on Fiji, but we wanted the kids thinking about their dad as little as possible.

    With grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends coming and going for the duration of those seven weeks, it’s safe to say the kids had plenty of distractions.

    I guess it takes a village to distract a child. Of course, our son did ask about me. We told him I was away for work and that daddies always come home. Now, neither of the kids even remember I left.

    We all have big dreams. It’s important to leap when opportunities present themselves. It’s a lot easier to do that when you know there are people ready to step up and support you.

    Thank you to all the people that supported me chasing my dream.

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