Sinclair Broadcast Group anchor Rick Devens gets through another week on CBS's 'Survivor'

    Rick Devens is a news anchor at Sinclair Broadcast Group's WGXA in Macon, Ga. He's a contestant on CBS's 'Survivor' this season. (CBS/Survivor)

    WGXA Morning Anchor Rick Devens is a contestant on Season 38 of Survivor. He has now made it through the first two Tribal Councils. Rick will tell his story of being on the show firsthand throughout the season.

    MACON, Ga. -- How do you prepare for Survivor?

    When I found out I was being considered as a contestant on Survivor I did several things: I worked out. I experimented with my diet. I, of course, bought flint and steel. And I built so many fires in my backyard that my neighbors must have thought I was losing my mind.

    But all of those concerns are ancillary to the game.

    How do prepare for the strategy of Survivor?

    Short answer: You study.

    I have two kids, two rescue dogs and two rescue cats. My wife is very understanding, but I was leaving her with this chaos for seven weeks and that meant I was not going to get a lot of alone time to prepare. So in between family time I thought about my favorite players.

    Boston Rob -- A huge strategic and challenge threat. He got Amber to the end where she won. He got himself to the end and won. Rob’s balance always stood out to me. Boston Rob can run a game.

    Cochran -- The guy bounces back from a less-than-impressive first outing to make it to the end and win in his second time out. Physically un-threatening, funny, and sarcastic. I relate.

    Wendell is so cool. Tyson is so funny. Nobody does it like the queen, Sandra. Like everybody, I love JT. But I relate more (and am even more fond of) Fishbach.

    This is the 38th season of Survivor. There’s a lot of history. There’s a lot of strategy to study. Maybe too much.

    Once your feet hit the sand, preconceived notions tend to get voted right out of your brain.

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