Oscars' swag worth $200,000. What's in the bag?

As if being a Hollywood A-lister wasn't enough of a prize. This year's top nominees will pick up an 'Oscar swag bag' worth $200,000.

You've heard about the "Oscars so white" controversy:

There's not a single black nominee for an acting award, at sunday's oscars ceremony.

Now - there's another controversy surrounding the Academy Awards. This one is about gift bags.

As if being a Hollywood A-lister wasn't enough of a prize. This year's top nominees will pick up an 'Oscar swag bag' worth $200,000.

"Guys, listen, everybody's gonna be interested in this."

Including a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 personalized M&M's, and a $3 chapstick. The most expensive gift in the bag?


A $55,000 ten day, all expenses paid trip to Israel from the country's ministry of tourism.

"We're going to tell this story - we're going to tell it right."

All 25 of the acting and directing nominees and host Chris Rock will get the unofficial Oscars gifts.

Some of Hollywood's biggest names.

"Woo.. in your face Neil Armstrong."

Israel hopes to boost the country's struggling tourism numbers by tapping into the stars' followers on social media.

"They will show how good it is here, how interesting it is here," said Israel's Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin. "I'm sure and I call them - use this opportunity, you won't regret it."

In an awards season where the Academy may have been hoping the lack of racial diversity would be their only controversy, this trip to Israel has set off another one.

"We hope that a majority - a great majority of the nominees will reject this Israeli trip," said Omar Barghouti with the Palestinian BDS Movement.

Omar Barghouti, who fronts the Palestinian campaign to boycott Israel, says accepting the trip plays into what he calls Israel's propaganda.

"We're asking Hollywood figures as they did in the apartheid South Africa era to not give their names for Israel to whitewash the occupation and violation of human rights."

Israeli Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin rejects that criticism.

"I think that there is a dispute that should be solved," said Minister Levin. "Hopefully there will be sometime to achieve some kind of peace agreement, but I think that talking about occupation or talking about boycotting Israel because of the current situation is something unfair."

"You should be careful."

Mark Rylance - up for Best Supporting Actor for Bridge of Spies and a supporter of Palenstinian causes - has said he won't accept any gift. But most other nominees have been silent about the swag bag.

In a conflict that has dragged on for decades, the latest clashes between Israelis and Palestinians have moved from the streets of the West Bank to the red carpet of Hollywood.

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