CBS12 gets an inside look at "NCIS New Orleans"

    Season three of "NCIS New Orleans" starts Tuesday at 9 p.m. on CBS12. The hit show is switching things up this year.

    CBS12's Eric Roby visited the cast on location in New Orleans to show us how this hit TV drama is changing things up this year with new characters and major plot twists.

    Actor Lucas Black says, "I think season three is going to be fun and exciting and bringing something new to the table. It's going to be a little bit more wild and crazy and fun."

    You can expect more fun because "NCIS New Orleans" is now moving to a later time slot. The writers are taking more chances that has fellow cast member Shalita Grant very Excited!

    She told CBS12's Eric Roby, "In our season premiere, we start with a burlesque show. We couldn't do that in our old time slot, but we are doing it now. You will get more action and more of New Orleans quirky culture that we couldn't do before."

    Scott Bakula returns as the star and the leader of the close knit New Orleans team. This year, his unit is being investigated by the Feds because a mole infiltrated their ranks.

    Scott said, "You know you're always looking for something that you know excites your audience and also excites the creative team. That is the challenge, to deliver the same show and keep it vital to everyone."

    Vanessa Ferlito is a big source of that new energy. She's the newest cast member. Her character is investigating the unorthodox New Orleans crew. Vanessa is very honest about her new role.

    "She's literally like a Tasmanian devil," Ferlito said. "She turns everybody's life upside down."

    Eric Roby also got a chance to sit and talk with the show's executive producer James Haymen. He gave his take on why the show needed to switch things up and what concerns he has with the show's new time slot.

    You can check out "NCIS New Orleans" at its new time every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on CBS12.

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