Fitness Gym Security: Watch your keys!

Stephen Riselvato is accused of committing multiple thefts and car burglaries.

An alert for anyone who works out and hangs their car keys on the key walls you see at many gyms.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Stephen Riselvato, accused of committing multiple thefts and vehicle burglaries at Youfit Gym and LA Fitness Gym’s across several counties.

Deputies say Riselvato would enter the gym, pretend to workout, walk over to the key board, take a key and walk out of the business.

The investigation found that he targeted gyms in Palm Beach County, St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River County.

On top of catching Riselvato on camera, detectives were also able to track him down from stolen credit cards he used as well as pawn transactions.

He's now facing several charges including grand theft.

Looking ahead, the best way to protect yourself from this happening to you is to invest in a combination lock and utilize a gym's locker room.

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