DNA cracks killer clown case in Wellington

Sheila Keen Warren is accused of killing Marlene Warren while dressed as a clown. (PBSO)

Investigators always suspected Shelia Warren, but didn't have enough evidence to press charges way back in 1990.

It was the Cold Case Unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office that reopened a 27-year-old murder investigation back in 2014.

Deputies conducted a new DNA analysis, that linked Sheila to the murder of Marlene Warren.

Marlene lived in the Aero Club neighborhood in Wellington.

Back on Memorial Day weekend in 1990 she heard a knock on her door. Deputies say Sheila Warren was there, dressed as a clown with a bouquet of flowers.

That's when Deputies say Sheila pulled out out a gun and shot Marlene Warren in the face.

She died two days later.

Detectives were unable to act upon their instincts and arrest Shelia due to lack of evidence.

27 years later, Sheila is now a married to the victims husband, Michael Warren.

Deputies in Virginia say Michael Warren was present when his wife was arrested,

But wouldn't elaborate on what he said at the time.

Sheila Keen Warren will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Virginia and is expected to be extradited back to the Palm Beach County Jail in the near future.

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