Teachers involved in testing scandal at Vero Beach HS may have never been punished

Teachers involved in testing scandal at Vero Beach HS may have never been punished (WPEC)

New developments in the school testing scandal on the Treasure Coast.

CbS12 News learned one of the teachers accused of violating testing protocols may have never been punished.

But parents said they were and are now still feeling the effects.

When this all happened, some 400 students from Vero Beach High School were stripped of their online skill certifications and some cases class credits.

One senior said it’s now affecting his graduation plans.

“Why are we the ones affected though when we only did what we were told to do?" said Darren, a senior at the school.

Darren said he took Intro to Info Tech as a freshman.

He said his professor, Ralph Vaughn, was one of the teachers accused of tampering with the online skill tests.

“He took the course he passed the course he took the certification test offered,” said Vivian Embro, Darren’s mother.

Darren’s mother said she later learned her son would not receive his certification or math credit due to the allegations against Professor Vaughn and another teacher, Alison Moody.

Diane Thompson said her son is also dealing with the consequences.

“We feel like it's being shoved under the rug," she said. "How can that situation with Mr. Vaughn be taken care of, but nothing was brought up about the children?"

CBS12 asked the Indian River County School District why the students aren’t being addressed.

The district issued this statement in response:

The Florida Department of Education, in consultation with Certiport, made the decision to invalidate the certification results for the students because testing protocols were violated. The decision to invalidate the results was not a district decision and thus, the district does not have the authority to grant the students certifications or credits.

But the Florida Department of Education told CBS12 it wasn’t them, but instead the certifying agency called Certiport.

“As a parent, I don’t really care about whose decision it was," Thompson said. "We just want our children to get what they earned and deserve and they worked hard for."

At the time of the scandal, the district suspended the teachers involved. The district said Mrs. Moody was suspended for one day and Mr. Vaughn for five.

The district said an arbitrator recently ruled Mr. Vaughn would be reimbursed for the time he was suspended, but the district said Mr. Vaughn may have never served his suspension.

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