School fire drills cancelled out of caution

Palm Beach County School district have cancelled fire drills. (PBCSD)

Fire drills at Palm Beach County schools are cancelled in the name of safety according to a district memo exclusively obtained by CBS12 News Investigates.

Former Secret Service Agent and Security Expert Timothy Miller applauds the school district for cancelling all fire drills. “When there’s a demonstrated strategy to pull the fire alarm and kill people in the confusion, the school board is taking wise steps,” he said.

The memo tells principals that in an abundance of caution, all fire drills are to be cancelled until further notice.

This decision comes after last Friday’s school shooting in Texas that left 10 people dead. Published reports say someone pulled the fire alarm during the shooting.

Smoke from accused killer Nikolas Cruz’s gun setoff the fire alarm at Stoneman Douglas High School as he opened fire killing 17 in February.

According to the document, principals are now instructed to first check for the cause of the alarm before evacuating a building. “It’s time for us to think differently, to train differently and respond differently,” Miller said.

The school district did not respond to our request for a comment on the change.

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