CBS12 News investigation on repeated testing for truck drivers sparks action

CBS12 News investigation on repeated testing for truck drivers sparks action. Michael Buczyner reports. (WPEC)

A state lawmaker and a retired truck driver responded to a recent CBS12 News Investigation.

CBS12 reported last week at 11 p.m. that the state allows school bus and truck drivers to take the driving test over and over again.

The retired truck driver says he spent decades behind the wheel. He’s also a former instructor who's been concerned with what he saw.

The driver, who is not being identified, said he saw many drivers fail a CDL exam nearly a dozen times before finally passing the test.

“I saw several of them come in time and time again taking the test and not being able to pass it," he said. "They shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle."

A recent CBS12 News investigation found Florida actually allows an unlimited number of attempts to take the commercial driver’s license test. CBS12 began looking into this after uncovering state records that show a school bus driver who hit and injured a motorist took the CDL exam seven times before finally passing it.

As a result of our investigation, Rep. Emily Slosberg is now looking into possible legislation to solve the problem.

“I would not let anybody that took the test seven times haul my kids around because you have people out on the road driving that school bus that has no business driving it," the driver said. "I have family on the road, you have family on the road, I don’t want anything to happen to them."

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