CBS12 News Investigates safe drinking water in Magnonia Park

CBS12 Investigates an audit on Magnonia Park where they didn't comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974.

A Palm Beach County town is not in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 according to an audit by Palm Beach County’s Inspector General.

Mangonia Park’s town manager, Ken Metcalf defends his town’s drinking water. “I drink the water every day, I make my coffee from the water, I drink out of the water fountain, I’m confident in it,” he said.

He spoke with CBS12 News Investigates just hours after the inspector general released an audit claiming the town of nearly 2000 resident is not in compliance with the act. “They did not have a good program in place where they were going out inspecting, making sure these cross connections were in place and operable,” Palm Beach County Inspector General John Carey said.

According to the 12-page audit, the town never implemented, administered or maintained an ongoing cross-connection program. That’s meant to keep clean drinking water from mixing with non-potable water. Metcalf insists the water is tested regularly at seven sites. “The water is good, we’ve had no indication, we’ve had no issues, we’ve had no complaints, every time we test the water it turns out good,” he said.

But the audit claims without the program to test the devices preventing contamination, there is a risk of contamination at cross connections. And that it claims increases the potential for contamination which it says may cause a potential health risk to the town’s water users. “It was an oversight, I’m confident we would have picked it up, very soon,” Metcalf said.

Metcalf says the town hired a consultant to implement the program and bring the town into compliance.

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