Raye Montague

Faces of Black History: Raye Montague. Image Courtesy KTHV.

In today's Faces of Black History -- we introduce you to Raye Montague, the woman who revolutionized the design process for all naval ships and submarines. That's impressive, but the story of how she got there---even more amazing.f

Montague was denied admission to the University of Arkansas because it wouldn't accept a minority.

So she studied elsewhere and started at the bottom when the Navy hired her.

Montague wasn't allowed to touch their high-powered computers but learned how to operate them from watching ivy-league educated engineers and stepped in when she got the chance.

The first time she was asked to design a naval ship, she did it in less than 19-hours.

Montague has been awarded several times by both the us navy and the government.

The US flag has even flown over the D.C. Capitol in her honor.

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