Tools for Teachers: John Davino

John Davino is this week's Tools for Teachers winner. (WPEC)

Our Tools For Teachers winner this week is Mr. John Davino.

Davino works at Samuel S. Gaines Academy in Fort Pierce. He taught the Avis program last year and is now a Dean at the school.

Avid is a program helping students develop the skills they need to be successful in college.

"He was always there for you when you needed help," former Avid student Miche Denis said. "He never told you no and he never took no for an answer."

Davino also won Teacher of the Year in St. Lucie County last school year.

"I get so much out of them and they all get so excited and happy and seeing them learn and progress," he said. "Teaching is the most important thing that we do. Nothing else happens without it," said Mr. Davino.

CBS12 is looking for Teachers who are making a difference in our community. If you would like to nominate someone, click here.

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