Tools for Teachers: Angela Brent-Harris

Tools for Teachers: Angela Brent-Harris. (WPEC)

A teacher in Boca Raton is inspiring her students way beyond the school books.

Angela Brent- Harris teaches kindergarten at Sunrise Park Elementary School and is helping students as young as five learn how to deal with stress.

"I always said if I became a teacher I'd treat those kids how I would want to be treated and give them a passion for life," said Angela, and so she did.

For the last 17 years Angela Brent- Harris has been bringing her calm energy to her students.

"So my passion is to show them that you can find calmness and peace inside their souls," said Angela.

When you walk into her classroom the lights are low, soothing music plays, and her students, who she calls her "Birds at Work" are full of life.

"She sprinkles glitter and sunshine and happiness wherever she goes," said the principal at Sunrise Park, Alicia Steiger.

Angela is a nominee for the prestigious Life Changer of the Year Award, an annual program recognizing educators across the country.

She also started a club at school called Color Me Happy to help students to release stress.

"We do Tai Chi which is a moving meditation, guided meditation as well and I teach them breathing techniques," said Angela.

The club became so popular she now offers it for parents on the beach-- all free of charge.

"I love seeing the pictures on the beach motivating, not just her colleagues but our parents," said Steiger.

Angela says the changes she sees in her students, not just in their studies but also in how calm they are is what its all about.

"It's very important as teachers not just academics but for them to learn to have self love and go through life and teach them life skills," said Angela.

We are looking for teachers like Angela all year long to honor with our Tools For Teachers award.

Nominate a teacher you know here.

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