Tools for Teachers: Allen Lamp

Tools for Teachers

This week’s Tools For Teachers winner is the Band Director at William Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens.

Allen Lamp was named Band Director is 2007 and not only teaches band but also runs the marching band and conducts the concert and jazz band.

He was nominated by his students who say he makes them feel like they have a place where they can go to be themselves.

“Allen Lamp is the most interesting person I’ve ever met,” said senior Ally Capone who plays the saxophone.

Students say Lamp is so great because he is interesting and they can relate to him.

Lamp said he is honored to win the Tools For Teachers prize.

“Oh it’s great. It’s nice. It’s a warm feeling that whatever I’m doing must be helping a lot of people,” said Lamp.

Lamp received a $312 prize.

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