Last minute changes creating bus stop confusion in Martin Co.

Martin County returns to school Tuesday, and all eyes are on the school buses run after some controversial changes.

A last-minute move creating confusion at bus stops in Martin County.

The school board has finally posted its bus routes, less than a day before school is set to start.

The move comes after a string of controversial decisions involving the district's bus schedule this year.

Most recently, the board held an emergency meeting Friday to reinstate 90 bus stops throughout the area.

Just days prior to that, they announced they would be canceling the free transportation for about 850 students who live within two miles of a school.

Students would instead either need to pay more than $400 for a seat on a bus or be forced to find another ride or walk to class.

In some cases, that would mean elementary students crossing A1A or U.S. 1 to get to their school.

Outrage as now turned to confusion as parents wait to see how Tuesday's commute will pan out.

CBS12 is following this story closely and will check in with Martin County School District transportation officials throughout the first day of school to see if there were any problems Tuesday morning and if so, where.

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