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Cincinnati officers recovering after being exposed to drugs while working

WKRC -  cops exposed to drugs
WKRC - cops exposed to drugs
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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Exposure to dangerous drugs put two Cincinnati police officers in the hospital Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, at least six people overdosed, including one woman whose child was in the car with her.

These were two separate incidents that caused the officers to feel sick and made them go to UC Medical Center to get checked out. They both happened Wednesday evening after drugs were found in the West End and Over-the-Rhine.

The officers will be OK, according to Cincinnati's Fraternal Order of Police president, Dan Hils.

Cincinnati police say there was an uptick in overdoses Wednesday in District 1, which includes Over-the-Rhine and the West End. Two people died from overdosing Wednesday.

Around 5 p.m., officers made a traffic stop at Linn and Liberty streets and found what they believed to be heroin. The K9 officer on the stop later reported feeling sick.

Less than an hour later, drugs were found at Back and Hamer streets. An officer processing the evidence at police headquarters felt sick and had to go to the hospital. Hils calls it a crisis that's now hurting innocent people.

"I'll tell you what--the cops...some of my anger is boiling over from the phone calls I got from their supervisors who feel personally responsible for them and are sick and tired of their people being put out there and asked to go after these drugs and go after these dealers, and then they're seeing the courts not being able to do anything because there ain't no space to put anybody," said Hils. "So meanwhile, we have to keep handling dope, and while we're out there handling dope, there's nobody that can do anything about it because there's not enough space."

Hils says both officers will go home Wednesday night, but he doesn't know when they will go back to work. The K9 that was possibly exposed went to a vet to get checked out and is OK.

It may be some time before we know for certain what the drugs were that caused the officers to get sick.

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