THANK A NURSE 2015: Keith Latal

Story By: Michele Wright, CBS 12 News Anchor
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LAKE WORTH, Fla.-- CBS 12 is proud to honor extraordinary local nurses.

In this week's Extraordinary People, CBS 12's Michele Wright spotlights a nurse who uses humor to help his patients heal.

Keith Latal is an infusion nurse at Cancer Center of South Florida. He was chosen from one of the hundreds on online submissions we received on our Thank A Nurse section.

"To be honored by a patient is an incredible thing, but to behonored by someone in your own profession is an amazing thing because thatdoesn't happen that often. We've gone through alot she and I. It's nice to see shewanted to honor me because I did something to help her seeing as the fact thatshe is a nurse herself", says Latal.

From Rochester New York, a nurse of 25 years, his passion for nursing began with helping HIV/Aids patients which was a natural transition to Oncology Nursing.

"I have this feeling inside of me that working with people who are facing life threatening is an incredible amazing challenge for me and it's a great honor when people are that vulnerable they open up and let you in."

Keith says his patients are his heroes and he's there to help them thru the difficult times because cancer doesn't discriminate.

"It touches everyone. It's not just the patient. Sometimes its harder for the families and loved ones. I'll help you get through this. Your family and your friends get through this. I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life."

Working with a great group of people doctors, nursing staff he feels one of his greatest gifts is humor.

"When you come in here, you're facing something horrible. But I will get you to laugh at least one time that you're here. Because I think that's incredibly important. What I do, and the medications I give are incredibly important, but someone's state of mind and well being is just as important if not more so.

Keith feels all nurses are amazing and they hold a special place in hearts and homes across the world.

"People's lives are in your hands. My favorite part of the day is the patient teacher aspect. How are you feeling today, What's going on. How can we make you feel better?"

If you know a special nurse or want to view all our winners and or nominate someone online click HERE

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