THANK A NURSE 2015: Jane Howard

Story By: Michele Wright, CBS 12 News Anchor
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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.-- CBS 12 is proud to spotlight extraordinary local nurses. This week, we intro you to Jane Howard who has been a nurse over 45 years. Her story is very unique and inspiring.

Jane works at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Ambulatory (Out Patient) Center. Times were tough growing up. Her faith got her through.

"My mother was a very strong Christian woman. My father was an alcoholic so she raised us. It sees you through anything.'

Jane says she had Scarlett fever when she was a little girl.

"As a child I was 12. My sister and I had it together. Back in those days they were quarantined."

As a result of not receiving enough penicillin, she developed a heart murmur.

"Probably 10-15 years later I went in for a routine checkup the doctor found that I had a significant murmur."

She had to have her heart valve replaced back then. Today, her unit preps heart patients so it's very special to help those who are going through the same things she went through.

"Most of the time they are afraid especially going for heart surgeries. Since mine, I always make an effort to go and say hey I'm here. I survived, you'll be fine."

"You see what the patient goes through which is very important to being a nurse. You have to understand that part."

Jane says the team she works with is like her second family, but all all nurses are very special.

"Every day they have people's lives in their hands. Every minute of every day."

"They are loving they are giving. They are caring. they do the best that they can. The very best that they can."

Being on the other side of the hospital bed puts everything in perspective for Jane and why she loves making a difference in patients lives everyday.

"It's the people and the patients. That's what makes the job worthwhile. And really feeling like you are doing something for someone else."

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