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Estate Planning Information from Howard Kaye

Howard Kaye on Estate Planning

What is good estate planning? Many might say that good estate planning is taking the size of your estate and reducing its total value to as little as possible so you are only subject to the lowest amount of estate tax. However, what if we looked at estate planning in this way:

Good estate planning means leaving the most amount of money to your family that you can. The solution to this problem lies in life insurance. For example, if you have a large estate - say, worth $10 million or more - and you want to leave money to your children but also some to charity, as well. You could take $2 million today and create a $10 million policy through the use of life insurance. This means you would have $8 million in the estate and $10 million outside of the estate - your $10 million dollar estate is increased by 80%. You could leave $10 million to your kids and $8 million to charity.

The best of both worlds!

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