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Mansion of the Week: 108 SE Santa Lucia

Mansion of the Week: 108 SE Santa Lucia

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Upon entering 108 SE Santa Lucia, one immediately feels there is something very special, very different but very wonderful! You are surrounded by peace, beauty and love. The home has a relaxing, free flow feeling like a butterfly in flight. Feng Shui uses butterflies to symbolize love and romance. In fact, the architectural footprint of this home IS a butterfly. Maybe that is why family and friends truly enjoy coming over! They feel so relaxed and happy.

It is further enhanced by mesmerizing views of a very large lake, rolling hills, birds flying, fish jumping, breathtaking sunsets, and 3 holes of a Palmer signature golf course. It is situated on the point of a cul-de-sac and no homes to the rear to interrupt your feeling of solidarity and oneness with nature and beauty!

This home is a paradox of contradictions but all in perfect balance. We don’t know anywhere except in this magnificent mariposa (or beautiful butterfly) can you get the feeling of country in a golf club community! It is usually one or the other--but not in this incredible abode! Privacy is paramount while life and light shine in! The detailing throughout the home is regal but relaxed. Whether you are admiring the architecturally sculptured ceilings, the Italian finishes on the walls, or the exquisite custom hardware on the cabinets and doors, you are very comfortable and peaceful! It is all part of the Feng Shui influence.

Please come and enjoy this experience. You will fall in love again and feel as free as a butterfly!

If you'd like to learn more about 108 SE Santa Lucia, contact Cinda Glor at 561-313-1396.

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