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ComForCare: Understanding who someone was to help improve the quality of care

Elderly individuals find peace in looking back on the days of old.

As people age, it can become easy for their friends and family to forget the person they used to be. When those close to them are of a younger generation, forgetting about who a grandparent or family friend once was in their heyday can be even more common.

Fortunately, senior home care professionals are trained to make sure the elderly are not forgotten. By learning more about the person within, they can give their clients a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

ComForCare Home Services believes that providing the best possible care for someone in need is improved by learning more about the person their client used to be when they were younger.

"It's important not to understand just what you did and where you lived, but digging deeper to learn about favorite hobbies, " says Scott Greenberg, CEO of ComForCare. "Did you like to go to the movies? Did you like to go fishing? Did you like to golf? Were you a photographer? We work hard to find out who our clients were before they got to where they are today, because where they are today is just a product of where they came from. To forget that doesn't do anything to benefit them."

Truly learning about those who may be living with Alzheimer's or dementia can have a huge impact on their wellbeing. According to, people start to lose a sense of themselves when they start to lose their memory. Helping to stimulate those degenerating neurons, whether it be by visual aid or verbal communication, can be life-changing.

Greenberg has faced this type of challenge first-hand. He understands the importance of getting to know the person you are working with and wishes that he might have done things a little bit differently. "My father-in-law was a cartographer," he says, "and he had Alzheimer's disease when he died. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if I could have brought him maps of Germany - he was at the Battle of the Bulge - and maybe, just maybe, jog his memory? Maybe I could have improved the quality of his life."

Those living with Alzheimer's and other cognitive impairments are not the only people this principle applies to. ComForCare takes pride in providing all clients with special attention, and this special attention absolutely includes getting to know the person inside.

Elderly individuals, just like anyone else, love engagement and attention. They find peace in looking back on the days of old, finding a sense of purpose and closure when their experiences are appreciated by those who might one day look up to them. It is vital to provide people with these types of pleasant and meaningful moments often, not only so they feel good, but so that the caregiver is better equipped with the important knowledge to treat them.

ComForCare of Palm Beach Gardens offers private-duty, non-medical home health care that allows people to age comfortably, safely and happily in place. Services include meal preparation, light housekeeping, grooming and hygiene help, transportation assistance, medication reminders and more. To learn more, visit

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