Scott Bakula is very hands on with NCIS New Orleans

CBS12's Eric Roby finds out why Scott Bakula is so involved in the show's production. (WPEC)

The star of NCIS: New Orleans Scott Bakula is hitting his stride with season three.

CBS 12 was on hand for the filming of Tuesday's episode. He discovered Bakula is more involved with the production of this hit series than you might expect.

“At the end of the day it's my face that is speaking the words."

Bakula admits that he is really hands on with scripts as it’s being created. He says it’s important because “At the end of the day it's my face that is speaking the words."

Bakula is also protective of what his character, Special Agent Dwayne Pride does. He frequently asks writers, “"Why? Why go that direction? What's the end result?"

That's important in this day and age when many of the story plots mirror real life threats.

Bakula says it's a difficult balancing act of being realistic while being entertaining. "Everything kind of crosses over into each other”, said Bakula. “It's hard to ignore what's going on around you.” He also said, “Within that, if you can also address and pay attention to what's going on in the world, t definitely effects the writers. It affects what we do."

Scott commutes from L-A, where his family lives, to New Orleans to shoot the series. Time off is limited and to shoot just one episode takes 4 long days in the studio and 4 even longer days on location.

Scott says, “It's much harder. It's always hard especially the elements here. It's brutal!"

But, this veteran actor takes it all in stride. He's a real leader on the set. Several of the actors say they're learning how to be better actors because of Scott’s presence on the set. They're amazed how he nails every take. You can catch NCIS: New Orleans every Tuesday at 10pm.

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