Real-life Agent Pride is NCIS New Orleans' secret weapon

D'Wayne Swear is called NCIS New Orleans' secret weapon.

He probably wound not draw a crowd like Scott Bakula, but on the set of NCIS New Orleans D'Wayne Swear is a star. He is the real-life Agent Pride played by Bakula on the series.

"I'm touched. You get a guy with that history and talent to portray you in this role ... its amazing," said Swear, "I'm shocked."

Swear is a humble guy with a great sense of humor. He has amazing stories that stretch over his 25-year career at NCIS. This makes him the perfect secret weapon for TV writers and actors. As a technical advisor, Swear gets to read the scripts as they are being written. He provides the correct law enforcement terminology and offers up lines for the actors. Being a local, Swear tries to make the series more realistic, even though Hollywood wins out.

"I try to make it where its not stifling to their creative licensing or creative ideas," said Swear, "but to try and make it as real as possible."

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