NCIS: New Orleans mixes things up for the new season

Vanessa Ferlito tells us how new twists will take advantage of NCIS New Orleans' new start time.

The third season of NCIS: New Orleans is mixing things up with a new plot twist, and a new character played by Vanessa Ferlito. Cbs 12's Eric Roby caught up with Verlito on the set of NCIS: New Orleans as she started shooting her 4th episode. Her role is an FBI agent sent to investigate the tight knit crew for allowing a mole to join their ranks. She says her real life experience of joining the cast is similar to her character.

Every script is very similar to my real life. - Vanessa Ferlito

Ferlito said, "You know the funny thing every script… …is very similar to my real life like coming down here into this tight knit crew.”

Unlike her character, she's quickly fitting in. On the day I visited the New Orleans set, she was eating lunch with the crew and friendly with everyone. She talked to us about what's it’s like to be a single mom of a 9-year-old boy and moving to New Orleans. Most recently she lived in South Florida while shooting the t-v series Graceland.

"When lived in Florida I was filming Graceland,” Ferlito said. “I was like oh wow this is the South. It's the south because people think Florida: Miami, fun, South Beach. But, when you're filming outside and you're in the Everglades and you're like oh this is the South. And then you know you move here you're like oh wait. No, actually THIS is the South!”

Ferlito says her new role on NCIS: New Orleans is worth all of the life changes because of 2 big reasons. She says, "Because it's so exciting and fun!"

Vanessa Ferlito is extremely personable. She's the type of person that when you meet her you feel like you are going to be instant friends. You can catch her in her new role every Tuesday night right at 10pm.

Click here to see Eric’s entire interview with actress Vanessa Ferlito.

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