Your Voice Your Future Town Hall: The Overdose Epidemic

Watch the hour-long "Your Voice, Your Future" Town Hall discussion on Florida’s overdose epidemic recorded Tuesday, February 28th.

There are new emerging drugs flooding our streets.

Some with deadly mixtures the dealers don’t even know about. They are more accessible, stronger, and cheaper than ever.

Drug users cross all boundaries: race, religion, and socioeconomic lines. On average, one person a day dies from a drug overdose in South Florida.

So, what is being done to fix the problem?

Join the conversation with our panel of local experts who will discuss the state's growing drug problem with a live community audience.

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  • Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg
  • Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Bell
  • St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center Dr. Raju Mangrola

The hour-long discussion will focus on all facets of the overdose problem.

You can watch the entire discussion on or on our sister stations WeatherNation and MyTV.

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