What you need to know about 'fake rice'

What you need to know about 'fake rice'. (WPEC)

Did you know you could be buying so-called fake rice?

Cauli rice, cauliflower rice, and miracle rice are all sold as healthy brands of rice in grocery stores. Representatives from U.S.A. Rice are firing back on the claims. Stating that consumers are being deceived.

"Products like Cauli-Rice, Better than Rise, don't have a single grain of rice. There are essential vitamins and minerals that are in rice that aren't in cauliflower. So, misleading a consumer into purchasing something that doesn't include those is a bit dangerous," said Laura Waldrop.

It could cost the rice industry millions to prove there is a big difference between traditional rice, and vegetables marketed as rice. to date, there is no official government definition of what rice is, or what makes it up. rice growers say the cauli rice is deceptive.

"It's kind of capitalizing on everything that the rice industry's done over the years to build the trust of the consumer. And provide a high-quality, low-cost nutritious product," said Jeff Rutledge, Arkansas Rice Federation Chairman, Arkansas Rice Council President.

Rice federations are working with the FDA to give rice an official identity that would not include vegetables cut in the shape of rice.

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