The cashless business

The cashless business. (WPEC)

More businesses are no longer accepting cash payments; it's credit and debit cards only.

There's an open secret to keeping the line moving at this busy New York city lunch spot.

"With every cash transaction, the payment process was slowing down significantly," said Michael Kaplin, Two Forks, Owner.

So cash is now off-limits at his fast-casual restaurant.

It's debit or credit card only.

And now from coffee shops to larger restaurant chains, more businesses are now banning bills. but some say it could discriminate against those without cards.

A Chicago lawmaker is pushing the city council to make it illegal. it already is in Massachusetts.

A recent survey found only 11 percent of Americans chose cash as their preferred form of payment.

"I think it's sort of a way of the future. I don't use cash, it actually seems strange to use cash," said Bill Hunscher.

The other benefit some say it will help reduce robberies since no cash is being exchanged.

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