Security flaws in Smart TVs

Security flaws in Smart TVs.(WPEC)

Could your TV be controlled by hackers?

Who's controlling your TV?

Consumer Reports has found millions of smart TVs from major manufacturers can be controlled by hackers exploiting easy to-find security vulnerabilities. The problems affect Samsung televisions along with TV models made by TCL and other brands that use the Roku TV platform.

"While evaluating smart TVs for data privacy and security, we came across a vulnerability in some smart TVs that can be exploited by a hacker, who could write code to control the TV without the user's permission," Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports Electronics Testing.

Consumer Reports was able to demonstrate how a hacker could potentially take over your TV -- change channels, play offensive content, or turn the volume up to full blast. All without your control

When Consumer Reports reached out to Samsung and Roku, both companies said they take privacy and security seriously. TCL referred to Roku's response. eric roby cbs 12 news.

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