Landscaping scams to watch out for

Landscaping scams to watch out for. (WPEC)

Beware of landscaping companies going door to door looking for work. show this could end up costing you a lot of money in this consumer alert.

"I started counting the mulch," said Sylvia Pearson.

When Sylvia Pearson got a knock at the door around the holidays from a landscaping company

She thought she was getting a deal on mulch.

"He said it would take 25 bags, and that's at 10 dollars a bag," she said.

But when the dirt was down and done, Pearson said the workers told her they actually used 120 bags.

That 250 dollars, went up to 12 hundred.

"My first instinct was, there's no way. I mean how do you estimate so poorly."

Pearson refused to pay full price...but gave the workers an 800-dollar check.

Their reaction tipped Pearson off that these workers - were also scammers.

"He said we're going to have a really good Thanksgiving on you, which really upset me."

Police say eight others also complained about the same bait and switch.

Police remind residents to ask door-to-door peddlers for paperwork, a copy of their permit or ask if they are bonded and insured.

also Never let an unknown salesman inside your house - they could be surveying the contents of your home.

And don't pay, until the work is done.

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