Kitchen makeover nightmares

Kitchen makeover nightmares. (WPEC)

A simple kitchen makeover turned into a financial nightmare. CBS 12 News

The first deadline was supposed to be done right after Thanksgiving. the second deadline was supposed to be done before Christmas.

The family says there is always some excuse.

“I had a couple of guys quit on me and projects got pushed back,” said Katherin Nolan.

A quick search through court records online show Ralph Gibbons has a history in small claims court, many cases involving construction.

And the Nolen family says the name of his business isn't always the same. they've asked for a refund.

This has been devastating for us. We saved and we worked hard to do this, we didn't want to do it on credit we worked really hard

This is just a good reminder before you hand over any money to a contractor to make sure you do your homework, it could make all the difference in the world.

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