Consumer Reports: MRI scans

Consumer Reports: MRI scans. (WPEC)

Actor Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena, are suing several medical companies after they say she was poisoned by a drug used during a routine MRI scan.

In movies, Chuck Norris fought martial arts masters.

But now he's taking on medical companies, along with his wife Gena.

“I couldn't think any more, any type of cognition, being able to think, my memory,” said Gena Norris. “I had muscle wasting.”

She says she was poisoned after a routine MRI.

Sometimes doctors inject a contrast agent during the procedure, to get sharper images. the Norisis blame that drug for Gena's health problems. Symptoms include "burning pain violent shaking and "confusion", along with "kidney damage".

The drug distributor says it's "reviewing the complaint" and "will respond in a timely manner". The maker of the drug said it "takes patient safety very seriously and stands behind the safety of all its products".

Experts say that it is known that contrast dyes can be deposited into tissue but it’s not known what the means. Gena Norris argues that MRI tests do save lives but she just wants people to know the potential risk with a warning given to patients before hand.

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