Consumer Reports: Low-fat dairy products

CBS12's Eric Roby explains how low-fat dairy products may not be as healthy as everyone thinks (WPEC, Consumer Reports)

You may think low-fat dairy products are healthier, but Consumer Reports says they aren't all that cracked up to be.

"Several studies among children do suggest that eating whole fat dairy is associated with less weight gain over time than eating low fat dairy," Consumer Reports Health Editor Julia Calderone said.

Some research suggests the level of triglycerides -- a type of fat -- may be at a lower, healthier level in those who eat higher fat products than low fat ones.

But it's important to remember that flavored yogurts have added ingredients that can add calories.

"Our advice is that you really do still need to look at the ingredients list including the sugars content," Calderone said.

Consumer Reports says two good choices are Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value and Trader Joe's Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt.

They also were among the most reasonably priced.

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