Consumer Reports: Kitchen gadgets for the holidays

Consumer Reports: Kitchen gadgets for the holidays

Kitchen gadget gifts are always a big hit during the holidays.

Kitchen gadgets and appliances can make great gifts.

"We test hundreds of kitchen appliances every year and we have a gift to fit a chef of any skill level," Paul Hope, Consumer Reports Home Editor.

First , a gift that replaces several appliances

The seven in one Instant Pot is a great option for someone who loves to cook as much as someone who just wants to make an easy one pot meal It costs 99-dollars.

Even the most basic chef will find this 260-dollar Cuisinart Toaster Oven very easy to use.

If your chef has all the basics why not give something the pro's use.

"Sous vide cooking is a process where you vacuum seal foods and cook them in a hot water bath. It lets you cook through foods to a perfect internal temperature without over cooking them," says Hope.

The 199-dollar Joule has an app but must be controlled with your smartphone. the 149-dollar Anova can be controlled by your phone or keep it simple and set it manually.

Consumer Reports also tested dozens of pots and pans. It found a 40-dollar Cuisinart, the CastLite NonStick, performs almost as well as ones that cost twice as much.

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