Advances in driver-less vehicles

Consumer Reports: Advances in driver-less vehicles. (WPEC)

General Motors recently laid out its future plan for autonomous cars.

General motors autonomous program is shifting into high gear.

While most driverless cars are tested in sparsely populated areas, gm's cruise is now able to navigate through the busy streets of San Francisco.

There are plans to test it in New York city soon.

"So we've created this vision; zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion. Autonomous vehicle technology is going to be a huge enabler for us to achieve that vision," said Dan Ammann, President, General Motors.

The cruise cars will be available for commercial use in 2019.

But some levels of autonomy are already here.

"Enter the highway."

GM's Supercruise is available in the Cadillac CT-6.

"When the wheel turns green and things look safe, let go."

Several auto and tech companies are racing to get "fully" autonomous cars on the road.

Google's Waymo recently announced it will soon launch a service similar to Uber or Lyft but without a driver.

"Some of the predictions are that we'll have maybe 10 million highly autonomous cars on the road by 2020," said Brian Cooley.

Lawmakers on the state and federal level are rushing to get rules for driverless cars in place before these vehicles hit the road... Sooner rather than later.

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