Wearable technology


The annual interactive festival SXSW focused on fashion, with a technology twist.

Keye's Bettie Cross sizes up this techie wardrobe.

SXSW is making a fashion statement - from head to toe, technology is being sewn into everything you wear.

"It's wearable technology that's machine washable," says Jim Eakin with Xenoma Inc.

The E-skin has sensors sewn into the fabric that track your motion, respiration, heart rate and body temperature.

"So imagine you put this on as a wetsuit and you're a tri-athlete you can monitor your stroke, your kick, your fitness performance all in real time." says Eakin.

The interactive festival is alos the place to step into something wet, or even sticky.

This new sensory experience uses extra thick insoles to take gaming, even GPS tracking to the ground level.

A lot of the technology is designed to blend in, but not all of it. This wearable technology stands out.

Only at SXSW will you find a black feathered jacket that is actually a wearable compass.

"So wehenver a wearer starts facing north, the feathers start ruffling so you can know where you are heading," says Birce Ozkan with Parsons School of Design.

Wearable technology can also have you virtually going to new heights and depths.

"You get to do things you would never even imagine doing," says BJ Fritts with Discovecommunications.

I was outfitted for the canyon swing.

From the comfort of this chair, I stepped off the side of a cliff and went on a 400-foot swing through a narrow canyon.

Everyone looked at it from the persepective.

"I would never do that in person but I just did it here and it was really, really cool," says Fritts.

A lot of the new wearable technology is expected to be available around this time next year.

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