Consumer Alert: Window Safety


Andrew Curry’s daughter fell from a window.

“I went and answered the door and it was our neighbor who had Beckett cradled in her arms…Beckett had a mouthful of dirt and had clearly scratched herself up,” said Curry. “And I, I didn’t know what had happened.”

Neighbors watched in horror as 4-year-old Beckett fell from her 2nd story bedroom window.

“I don’t even remember if she was crying,” remember Curry and his wife Jennifer. “She didn’t cry, she was really quiet.”

Beckett suffered a concussion and a fractured wrist.

“We really lucked out,” said Jennifer Curry. “It’s really miraculous to me that she wasn’t more seriously hurt.”

This year, 3300 kids under the age of six in the U.S. will fall out of a window.

Experts say windows shouldn’t be open more than four inches.

“On a single hung window or a sliding window, you can install window stops,” said Jan Berichon.

Casement windows, which you can crank wide open, are a little trickier.

If you’re installing new windows, ask the manufacturer to build the opening control right in.

But if it’s an older window, a window guard is your only option.

Experts also say teach children about window safety by creating a two-foot safety one around windows, and keeping furniture away that children can climb on.

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