Consumer Reports: WiFi warning

Consumer Alert: Wifi warning

Don't log onto the first free Wi-Fi you see because you could become a victim of hackers. CBS 12 Investigates first warned you about this growing trend.

Logging onto a 'free' public WiFi network, on your phone or computer.

"You have all kinds of information in there, your bank account info, passwords into sites that are important to you," Tim Maniscalo, Better Business Bureau.

Could end up costing you your identity, and create big financial problems.

"It is a phenomenon that is happening all across the country," said Maniscalo.

The CEO of the better business bureau says there has been a recent spike in scammers on unsecured WiFi networks.

"We always see an uptick in this in the summer months because so many people are traveling," Maniscalo.

Scammers can set up wifi connections that appears to have the same name as a business, a hotel, or an airport.

"So the scammers know that and they will set up a Wifi hot spot to make it look like a legitimate Wifi spot where you can get into," said Maniscalo.

The BBB says businesses can do more to protect customers. businesses should change internet passwords on a regular basis and monitor any unusual usage.

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