Consumer Alerts: Self-flying drone

Consumer Reports: Self-flying drone. (WPEC)

There is one industry where the law simply cannot keep pace with technology. CBS 12’s Eric Roby shows us the new concern over drones in this consumer alert.

AD2 is the next generation of hands free drones that promises to take your selfies to the next level.

There are basically two ways to fly it.

The first option involves you mapping out the course ahead of time.

Once in the air it tracks your location using a long-range Bluetooth wristwatch.

While keeping the camera pointed at you the whole time.

The second option is the "follow-me mode". Wherever you go, the AS2 follows.

“Our consumer is someone who wants to go and do the sport, be outdoors, and think very little about drone flying,” said Agris Kipurs with Airdog.

FAA laws require you to maintain visual line of sight with the drone at all times, and take control of the drone at a moment's notice which is hard to do in this case.

(Matt Waite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

“I would argue that the professional extreme sports athlete, it's not legal for them to fly it because they're using the drone in furtherance of their career, their business,” said Matt Waite with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

But legal drone experts say its probably ok for the casual hobbyist, if you use it far away from people and airports. More adjustments to current drone rules are expected as this new technology starts to grow in popularity.

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