Consumer Alerts: Sneaker collectors looking for payouts

Consumer Alerts: Sneaker collectors looking for payouts. (MGN / Carolina Panthers / Facebook)

Sneaker collectors may be looking at a payout. Collectors are now willing to pay thousands of dollars for a pair of shoes.

Spending $600-$800 for a pair of sneakers isn’t unusual for collectors.

Once consumer, Lucas Fracher, has spent around $1,500 for one pair of sneakers but states that there are pairs worth $30,000.

Now, getting your hands on that rare items is as simple as clicking on an app.

Throne, is a marketplace to buy, sell and discover very exclusive and highly coveted sneakers. This mobile technology is driving a resale market worth more than a billion dollars.

Throne CEO Emeka Anen, states that sneakers are an appreciating asset.

Today, Throne has 450,000 users and counting.

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