Consumer Alerts: Holiday wish list gift registry

    Consumer Alerts: Holiday wish list gift registry. (MGN /

    Gift registries are for more than just weddings and babies.

    Tony Hall from an outdoor store is helping to create a holiday gift wishlist. It's a way to ensure someone buying a present gets what they really want.

    "All you have do is scan the bar code for the item. and put this on the list," Hall said.

    Walmart also lets you make a wishlist. Kohl's offers traditional registries, but it's also open for other celebrations. Target has an app to get your kids involved.

    "They're targeting it for children, and they have an app that you could put on your child's phone, so they can make a list, which I thought was pretty slick, said Point Park University professor, Elaine Luther.

    Amazon lets you create a wish list, and you decide who can see it. Toys 'R' Us also allows kids or parents to make a wish list online. And maybe the easiest could be sites like Giftster that allow you to make list with gifts from different stores.

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