Consumer Alert: Equifax

(WPEC/Consumer Reports)

Equifax is facing new legal trouble over its massive security breach.

The credit reporting agency is dealing with a lawsuit over the hack that exposed 143 million Americans' personal information.

Equifax hack victim Devin McGahey is a legal assistant, but found the idea going into small claims court against Equifaz intimidating -- that is, until he found the company "legalist."

"I thought that it was unique, I thought it was bold, and I thought it was kind of a good way to shake up the legal industry," he said.

McGahey filed court papers already filled out by the San Francisco-based company, which also paid his $90 filing fee.

"It was incredible to me that a company the size of Equifax could be so incompetent and negligent with consumers data," he said.

A legalist pays the court fees and if you lose, you don't even have to pay them back. But if you win, the legalist gets 30 percent of anything won.

However, consumers don't need a lawyer to file small claims; anyone can do it from anywhere in the country.

"If people want to make the choice to file small claims cases, they can go ahead and do that -- they don't need any assistance," Public Citizen President Robert Weisman said.

Equifax couldn't be reached for comment on any pending litigation and say they're currently focused on helping consumers.

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