Consumer Alert: alarm contract scam

Security Alarm Fraud

It's common for security system companies to go door to door looking for new business. But the Better Business Bureau says some salesman make fraudulent claims and trick people into switching alarm companies.

Veteran Bill McCullough says a salesman came to his front door saying they were taking over for his current alarm company, and he'd get all new equipment.

"He told me a lie," said McCullough.

He later learned he was tricked into signing a contract with a different alarm company, and was now facing two monthly bills.

Linda Leduff says the salesman at her door promised to get her out of her current alarm contract, with better cheaper service.

But she too ended up with two monthly bills.

"I was thinking somebody made a mistake here, didn't do what they're supposed to do," Linda Leduff.

The Better Business Bureau says seniors are a common target - simply because they're more likely to be home and answer their door.

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