Amazon Flex has some consumers worried


Ashlee Sands is a mother of two from Bethel Park. She loves to order from Amazon, the world's largest online retailer.

But she was recently puzzled by her two most recent deliveries.

"It was just a random guy," said Sands. "Normally I'm used to Fedex people - UPS people coming."

The first time, she said, a man pulled up in an unmarked car while she was outside.

"He had an orange vest on and I think he had a badge. We weren't really paying attention and he dropped the package off," said Sands.

Sands says the next time, a guy rang the door bell and waited.

"Didn't give me an idea that he was with Amazon - it creeped me out. But when I looked closer - and my daughter went to open the door - I saw a T-shirt and I thought oh that's not the UPS guy and I don't normally open the door when I'm home with just the kids."

Sands asked a mom's group on Facebook about it. Other moms shared similar experiences, but some explained it's something called Amazon Flex.

SOT David Highfield stand up:

"Amazon launched Amazon Flex last year - and it works kinda like Uber - private drivers using their own cars to deliver your packages," said David Highfield.

A video from Amazon shows prospective drivers how to make deliveries.

"Someone will be seriously happy to see you - most deliveries go smoothly," said Highfield.

Amazon says before someone can participate in Amazon Flex, there is a thorough background check.

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