Family of 14-year-old found dead in canal speaks out
Family of 14-year-old found dead in canal speaks out. (Permission to use: Family photo)

The family of a teenage boy who was found dead in a canal is asking for answers.

Vensly Maxime,14, was originally reported missing on Wednesday, according to the Palm Beach County School Board Police.

Family of 14-year-old Vensly Maxime found that was found dead in canal on Dec. 26, 2021, after being reported missing three days prior speaks out, reports Lena Salzbank. (WPEC)

 After a 3-day search, family members found the 14 -year old's body submerged in a retention pond near Sweet Bay Lane.

The family says they now have more questions than answers. 

"We are looking for justice and we are looking to find out why there was no search done, said Yvenel Clermont, the teen's uncle.

Neighbors say the family searched the area between Crestwood Middle School and the Royal Palm Reaction Center every day but relatives believe not enough effort was taken by law enforcement to find the 8th grader.

Teen's family brings flowers to the site where Vensly Maxime was found dead inside a canal (WPEC){p}{/p}

"No one is searching for him, no help nothing," said Vensly's aunt, Louisena Hercule. "We called the school, I called the hotline number, and no one called back."

Community members say they found the teen's belonging a day prior to finding Vensly's body but when deputies arrived at the scene they could not find the teen.

CBS12 News reached out to the sheriff's office to see what steps deputies took to locate Maxime and a spokesperson says they were called to help School Board Police when the kid's backpack was found on Thursday.  According to the Sheriff's Office, they responded with drones as well as search and rescue dogs.

Monday morning the 14-year-old's family paid tribute to Vensly, placing flowers at the site where his body was found.

The County's Medical Examiner is still working to determine the cause of death.

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